Content Knowledge Graphs Track | KGC 2023

Content Knowledge Graphs Track | KGC 2023

All content from Content Knowledge Graphs Track KGC 2023.

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Content Knowledge Graphs Track | KGC 2023
  • Headless content and knowledge graphs: parallels and divergences

    There’s been growing discussion recently concerning “content graphs” that utilize graph relationships to manage content for online publication. Some have observed the similarities between knowledge graphs and headless content management and have sought to combine these approaches. Yet how compati...

  • Linked Data and Content Now!

    Machine-mediated interactions on the Web call for different approaches towards marketing communication and its artifacts: content and data objects. Linked Data and Content Now! is about the potential and real use of for marketing communication on the Web. In this talk you will learn ho...

  • Building a Content Knowledge Graph for RTL

    We started our Knowledge Graph journey with a content knowledge graph that helps us unify and connect various media types for our multi-purpose streaming platform (RTL+). We include media, entities & enriched metadata from Movies, Series, Music, Podcasts and Audiobooks. But we soon realised that ...

  • Knowledge Graphs in Media

    This talk will look at Knowledge Graphs in publishing and broadcast media. Where have things moved on since pioneering projects using Linked Data? Have knowledge graphs significantly changed the landscape? We explore the topic through a set of case studies looking at how knowledge graphs are chan...

  • Exploring the Power of Content KGs: Unlocking the Potential of Structured Data

    Exploring the Power of Content Knowledge Graphs will explore the potential of using structured data to improve the way we organize and access information. The talk will introduce the concept of knowledge graphs and discuss their potential benefits for both content creators and consumers. It will ...

  • Enhancing LLM Generative Capabilities through Knowledge Graph Integration

    The talk focuses on the use of large language models (LLMs) for generative AI, and how incorporating symbolic knowledge (attributes from a knowledge graph of an eCommerce website) can improve the accuracy and usefulness of generated content.

  • Semantic Recommendation Engines Case Studies

    Presented by: Sara Duane & Sara Nash
    Content personalization and recommendation engines are pervasive in today’s society. They power some of our most used platforms–including Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and more. However, many organizations struggle to provide their employees and customers with the...