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Watch this video and more on Knowledge Graph Conference


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Learn to Build a Scalable KG For 360 Degree Personalization of Customers

Business Use Cases | KGC 2023 • 16m

Up Next in Business Use Cases | KGC 2023

  • Knowledge Graphs for Contextual AI

    Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) applications for decision-making today. However, due to lack of context, AI systems have not yet achieved their full potential as reliable solutions for complex problems. Enter knowledge graphs - the modern way to capture relationships...

  • Knowledge-Graph-Driven Recommendations

    The IKEA Knowledge Graph includes information around complementary products, their benefits, as well as some safety precautions that customers should be aware of. This information is captured on a general level and allows to drive customer-facing recommendations in a very efficient manner. Also, ...

  • A global knowledge graph of people, s...

    Beamery is a funded startup based in London and the US, selling talent management software to enterprises, and is industry leading in the talent management sector. As a company, we have invested heavily in practical AI solutions underpinned by knowledge graph technology.

    By far the largest kn...