Keynote Sessions 2023

Keynote Sessions 2023

All Keynote Sessions from KGC 2023

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Keynote Sessions 2023
  • Keynote Session: AWS AI/ML Tools for Graph ML

    Taking advantage of the connections.

  • Keynote Session : KGC Ceremony

    Large Language Models such as GPT or LLaMA are profoundly changing our understanding of what computers can do. What is the role of Knowledge Graphs in a future where Large Language Models may reign supreme? Both Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models have incurable weaknesses: brittleness on ...

  • KGC Start-Up Pitch Winners

  • Opening Keynote Sessions

    The Artificial Intelligence landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Powerful AI tools and services have amazed both the general public as well as many seasoned AI researchers. Like all technologies, however, challenges remain. Many remaining challenges for large language models and gen...

  • Keynote Session: Semantics in the Mainstream

    It's unquestionable that Knowledge Graph and semantics have arrived. Tech analysts agree that all enterprise metadata is inherently a semantic graph; data lake and lakehouse vendors are partnering with semantic layer vendors; startups are servicing enterprise customers; and global tech consulting...