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Watch this video and more on Knowledge Graph Conference


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Masterclass: Graph Embedding Techniques - Matrix Factorization to Deep Learning

KGC 2023 | Masterclasses • 1h 30m

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  • Masterclass: The Open KG Curriculum

    This master class will contain international experts on knowledge engineering and will detail their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in how they have and currently teach their students and educate their workforce on knowledge graph concepts. The masterclass will be implemented as ...

  • Masterclass: SPARQL, SHACL and XSLT3

    XSLT3 is a powerful tool for transformations, one that's often underutilized in the RDF space. However, the combination of SPARQL, SHACL and XSLT3 together provides a comprehensive tool for transformation of semantic content that can complement existing capabilities such as SPARQL UPDATE, enablin...

  • Masterclass: Graphs with Relational T...

    The tussle between graph databases vs. relational databases is misplaced and hinders wider adoption of graph databases. Many graph databases bring tremendous value, but at the cost of the bread and butter data management issues that relational databases are extremely good at. If the two can co-ex...