Data Architecture Track | KGC 2023

Data Architecture Track | KGC 2023

All content from Data Architecture Track KGC 2023.

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Data Architecture Track | KGC 2023
  • Allianz Database GraphXL

    On an average, onboarding a Data professional to any large organization takes around 3 months for him to really understand business and data models within the core applications. Once he understands he shall be productive. Allianz GraphXL solves this challenge and is now been used by Business Anal...

  • The Missing Link in Knowledge Graphs

    Graph-based technologies are appealing because they promise more flexibility than other database technologies. However, it turns out that graph-based databases still require data to be structured and are not that different from traditional databases, therefore creating disappointment for end user...

  • When Not to Use a Graph db for Your Knowledge Graph

    When people think of knowledge graphs and graph analytics they reflexively think they need a specialized database. That answer is often incomplete or just wrong for their workload.
    We’ll analyze the 11 access patterns involved in graph analytics and build a logical and physical reference architec...

  • The EU knowledge Graph

    The EU Knowledge Graph at the European Commission

    The European Commission is maintaining a Knowledge Graph using Wikibase, the same software that is running behind Wikidata (one of the most successful public Knowledge Graphs). In this talk we describe:
    - the content of the EU Knowledge Graph

  • Streaming Graphs, Because We Cannot Afford to Query Anymore

    Graphs help answer complex questions, but they have traditionally been far too slow to be used in high-volume streaming data applications. While graph _databases_ have served batch-processing use cases for decades, a new streaming architecture is showing profound results for modern high-volume da...


    After 10+ years implementing knowledge graph solutions across many industries, we created graph.bulid, to greatly lower the time and cost of creating graph models, semantic or property, from any data.

    First we will demonstrate our highly configurable, highly available, cloud ready, horizotally...

  • "Multi" Model: An Ontology For Every DB on the Truck

    A multi-model database allows multiple data representations to coexist in the same instance. In simpler times, that meant two models -- such as document and graph -- in one. In this presentation, I tackle the multi-model dream of tomorrow: a single model with data spanning many and various databa...

  • Embrace Complexity

    How to build a Decentralised Knowledge Graph (or a Linked Data Mesh) that will allow an organisation to connect most (theoretically all) of its data together.

  • QAnswer: Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs and Text

    QAnswer: Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs and Text

  • Turn your web APIs into just another piece of your Knowledge Graph

    Web APIs have become a de-facto standard to enable HTTP-based access to machine-processable data. In this talk, I will present the SPARQL micro-service architecture, a lightweight approach that bridges web APIs and RDF knowledge graphs by making it possible to enforce a uniform data model over mu...