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Watch this video and more on Knowledge Graph Conference


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Q&A | Jans Aasman, Mike Grove, and Dr. Ora Lassila

Knowledge Graph Conference 2020 • 9m 58s

Up Next in Knowledge Graph Conference 2020

  • Q&A | Huda Khan, David Kamien and Raf...

    Q&A with Huda Khan from Cornell University, David Kamien from Mind Alliances System and Rafael Goncalves from Stanford University.

  • Panel | Frontiers in Data Intelligence

    Panel: Frontiers in Data Intelligence. What is data intelligence? Who owns knowledge graphs? How do we define contexts of use for knowledge graphs? How to make sure knowledge graphs offer equitable utility?

  • Middle-Out FAIR Data Integration with...

    An extremely powerful and efficient use for Knowledge Graphs is to unite well-understood domains of knowledge alongside novel and specific business/scientific questions. Using small ontologies that embed large reference taxonomies, we are able to go from tactical scientific questions (bottom-up) ...