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Watch this video and more on Knowledge Graph Conference

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Decentralized Knowledge Graphs Part 1

May 9 | KGC 2023 • 1h 32m

Up Next in May 9 | KGC 2023

  • Decentralized Knowledge Graphs Part 2

    Speakers Include:
    - Oshani Seneviratne
    - John Domingue
    - Elisa Kendall
    - Peter Rivett
    - Paul Gazaillo
    - Kaiwan Zhang
    - Braniir Rakic
    - Mike Bennett
    - Valerio Goretti
    - Benjamin Clair
    - Christina Hawatmeh
    - Deborah McGuiness

  • Masterclass: Panel on Generative AI a...

    What are LLMs, why do they matter, and why we should care.

    The core questions:

    1. What are the possibilities of applications for large language models & where are the biggest hurdles?

    2. How can people use them in everyday work or life, and where are there greatest opportunities for developin...

  • Masterclass: Shapes Constraint Language

    The Shape Constraint Language (SHACL) is a W3C standardization for validating our semantic knowledge graphs by defining a set of constraints. By constraining RDF using SHACL we gain the possibility of exactly this—validating semantic knowledge graphs under a closed world assumption! This mastercl...