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Watch this video and more on Knowledge Graph Conference

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AI, LLMs, and the Unknowable Knowledge Graph

May 10 | KGC 2023 • 33m

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  • Unleash the value of unstructured dat...

    Significant portions of the data generated in enterprises are unstructured and text-based. This can span the entire product lifecycle, from early research to post-launch analysis. A major challenge for companies is managing these vast amounts of text data and extracting hidden and valuable inform...

  • Embrace Complexity

    How to build a Decentralised Knowledge Graph (or a Linked Data Mesh) that will allow an organisation to connect most (theoretically all) of its data together.

  • Knowledge Graph Treatments for Halluc...

    Despite the excitement about Large Language Models (LLM), these models suffer from hallucinations problems, e.g., generating factually incorrect text. These problems restrict the development of production-ready applications. This talk will highlight the importance of combining Knowledge Graphs wi...