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Watch this video and more on Knowledge Graph Conference

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Automated ESG Knowledge Extraction from News

May 10 | KGC 2023 • 31m

Up Next in May 10 | KGC 2023

  • Supporting ESG strategies with enterp...

    ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is increasingly becoming the central guiding principle for companies in all industries. ESG need not remain an imposed compliance constraint for companies, but can also provide a wealth of opportunities and ideas for how organizations can evolve.

  • Knowledge-Graph-Driven Recommendations

    The IKEA Knowledge Graph includes information around complementary products, their benefits, as well as some safety precautions that customers should be aware of. This information is captured on a general level and allows to drive customer-facing recommendations in a very efficient manner. Also, ...

  • Knowledge Graphs for Contextual AI

    Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) applications for decision-making today. However, due to lack of context, AI systems have not yet achieved their full potential as reliable solutions for complex problems. Enter knowledge graphs - the modern way to capture relationships...