KGC 2020

KGC 2020

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KGC 2020
  • From Semantic Networks to Knowledge Graphs

    Since the 1960s, semantic networks of various kinds have been used for knowledge representation in AI and NLP. From the mid 1990s to 2005, Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues adapted that technology to the Semantic Web. During the past 15 years, research in AI and related fields has created new op...

  • Demo | KgBase

    This is a product demonstration presented by Marta Lopata from KgBase and she is here to show their knowledge graph tool. She is here to show why they created the tool and how it is used to develop their graphs itself. #knowledgegraphs #knowledgegraphconference #knowledgegraphsoftware

  • Why Semantic Objects Please App Devs with GraphQL

  • Personal Knowledge Graphs on the Web

    In today’s data-driven economy, the company with the most data wins. This means that companies go through great lengths to collect all of our data, sometimes even crossing ethical boundaries. But in the end, we all lose: having the best data process is not an indication of how well a company inno...

  • Demo | Ontotext GraphDB

    Vassil Momtchev announces new features of GraphDB and Ontotext platform

  • Visual Analytics of Large Knowledge Graphs

    Grasping large Knowledge Graphs is challenging. We present SemSpect, an innovative tool that brings together overview and detail view into one perspective by visually aggregating graph nodes and relationships for efficient exploration and data-driven querying of graphs. It comes either with a rea...

  • Workshop | Knowledge Graphs for Social Good

    The United Nations (UN) supports 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) covering topics from poverty to healthcare, education, and beyond. This workshop will gather a community from which to discuss ongoing industry work, academic research efforts, and include a collaborative ideation exercise. ...

  • Workshop Personal Health Knowledge Graphs | Part 1

    Electronic health records (EHRs) have become a popular source of observational health data for learning insights that could inform the treatment of acute medical conditions. Their utility for learning insights for informing preventive care and management of chronic conditions however, has remaine...

  • Chen Yong Cher | Enterprise Knowledge Graph and Machine Learning Integration

    In the realm of enterprise applications such as cybersecurity and anti-money laundering (AML), data and system engineers team up to deal with interconnected data of great scale and richness. The regulatory need adds requirements to instant tracibility and explanability of data and analytic models...